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Career Guide - Part II

I. Marketing & Opinion Research Industry -- See Part I
Two Basic Types of Research
The Research Process

II. Companies Involved in Marketing and Opinion Research - See Part I

III. How to Enter the Industry

IV. Resources

III. How to Enter the Industry

Consult our classifieds and internship listings for a variety of current jobs/positions that are available to marketing and opinion researchers.

Possible Degrees

  • Marketing Research
  • Business Administration
  • Liberal Arts
  • Statistics/Math
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Computer Science
  • Social Science
  • Communications

    Helpful Skills

  • Previous business experience (internship)
  • Analytical, selling or interpersonal experience
  • Experience in design, math and statistics
  • Conceptual writing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Presentation skills
  • Basic computer skills

IV. Resources

MRA Programs and Services


  • Communication Responsibilities During the Data Collection Process
  • Field Auditor Guidelines
  • Incidence Guidelines
  • Glossary of Terms Used in Marketing and Opinion Research
  • Recruiting and Facility Management Qualitative Handbook

Public Relations:

  • Guidelines and Practices to Promote Respondent Cooperation
  • Consumer Education Brochure
  • Respondent Thank You Card
  • Code of Data Collection Standards
  • Best Business Practices

Video Training

  • Welcome to the World of Marketing and Opinion Research
  • The Professional Interviewer

Other Resources:

  • Alert! Newsletter
  • The Blue Book Research Directory
  • MRA Membership Directory, The Connector
  • MRA Web site - Provides links to many marketing and opinion research firms, as well as other organizations and associations.
  • Classified Advertising/ Job Openings

Education and Training

Academic: A list of schools offering degrees and certificates is available through MRA’s Web site.

Corporate: There are several companies that offer training programs for the industry.

Associations offer a wide variety of meetings, seminars, conferences and publications that benefit marketing researchers.

Industry Sponsored

  • The Principles of Marketing Research - Independent Study Program - Offered through the University of Georgia, 1-800-325-2090. Complete details at www.principlesofmarketingresearch.org.
  • The Professional Interviewer - This data collection video training program is offered through MRA. Upon completion of the course and a score of 80% or higher on the test, a certificate of completion is issued. Call 860-257-4008 for further details.
  • National Conferences - MRA sponsors two national conferences: the Annual Conference, held in the Spring; and the Fall Education Conference. When you attend these meetings, you will: discover the latest tools and how to apply them to your business; develop skills and expand your knowledge of marketing research; and establish a network of research professionals.
  • Chapter Meetings, Seminars and Conferences - Twelve chapters nationwide supplement your national membership and provide education, networking and problem solving at the regional level. They are the foundation for national leadership.

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