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Alert! is the official newsletter of the Marketing Research Association. Written for today’s marketing researchers Alert! provides marketing researchers with the insights, methods, skills, technologies & tools they need to succeed in today’s profession. Each section of our publication is designed to keep marketing researchers current on today’s hottest topics. Whether it is how to conduct interviews via the Internet or how to get the most of your focus groups, you’ll find Alert! both informational and practical.

Archived Articles: Searchable archives and PDF downloads of old editions are available to MRA members online.

Order: One Alert! subscription is available free with membership. You may order a subscription online if you are not a member or wish additional subscriptions. Click for a sample issue in PDF format.

Advertising: Advertising is accepted for products and services that directly relate to or benefit research practitioners and companies and users of marketing research.

  • Display advertising is available in several size options. Options to alternate both the ad itself and the month in which it runs are available (if specified in the contract). Placement on a specific page or position within the newsletter can not be guaranteed. No advertisements appear on the front or the back cover. We also reserve the right to refuse to place an ad if the deadline is not met. Get rates, technical specifications and order using this PDF form.
  • Classified advertising is accepted for a variety of services including: used and new equipment, facilities for sale or lease, employment opportunities, new and expanded facilities and services, etc. Member Rates: $1.50/word ($75 minimum). Non-Member Rates: $2.00/word ($100 minimum. Blind Box Option: $15/ad. Order online or using this PDF form.

All payments are due in advance: No ad will be run until payment is received. Cash/Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express accepted. MRA reserves the right to reject any advertisement that, if deemed so, is not suitable for publication.

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