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Professional Standards Committee

The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is:

  • To review complaints against fellow members related to the Code of Data Collection Standards and determine whether there is legitimacy to the complaints.
  • To recommend to the Board when policies related to ethics and standards need to be put in place.

(Please note that complaints cannot be verbal. These rules are dictated by the Board, and no action can be taken until a written complaint is received)

Professional Standards Committee

  • Don Marek Jr., SBC, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. (Committee Manager)
  • Gerri Etzkorn-Bonner, Marketing S.O.S., Inc.
  • Judy Dyer, Harris Interactive
  • Paula Crimmins, Crimmins & Forman Market Research, Inc.
  • Richard Rands, Computers for Marketing Corp. (CfMC)
  • George Wilkerson, Flake-Wilkerson Market Insights, LLC

Guidelines for Selecting Professional Standards Committee Positions

Final Approval 12/13/00

Member of Committee

  • Member has a reputation of ethical behavior and concern for high quality
  • Long-time member of the Marketing Research Association (at least 10 years)
  • Subjectively evaluated as being:
    • Known by many MRA members
    • Known by several Board Members
    • Chapter involvement
    • Past committee, task force or council participation
  • Possesses general knowledge of the Opinion and Marketing Research Industry
  • Has volunteered with MRA and has an understanding of MRA processes and systems
  • Excellent communication skills

Manager of Committee

Same as above for Member PLUS:

  • Proven ability to run meetings and facilitate decision-making process
  • Generally available on short notice: 8-12 hr. turnaround to phone calls and email so overall complaint time is not jeopardized

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