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Current Legislation

How to Report News about a Legislative Threat to the Opinion and Marketing Research Profession

We encourage you to contact the CMOR (Council for Marketing and Opinion Research) web site (www.cmor.org) or call the CMOR office at (513) 985-0001 on any state or federal legislation information you may think is related to your business and the research industry.

If you read about it:

  • Make a copy of it and mark it with:
    • the publication or newspaper source
    • the issue or published date
    • your name and contact information
  • Fax a copy of the article to Donna Gillin, CMOR Director of Government Affairs at (631) 696-2372

If you hear about it on the TV or radio:

  • Write down the
    • stationís identification
    • name of the program or segment
    • the topics
    • the air time you heard it
  • Fax a copy to Donna Gillin, CMOR Director of Government Affairs at (631) 696-2372

If you find it on the Internet:

  • Forward an email with the printed web address and link to CMOR.

Once you notify CMOR of a legislative concern, it will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate industry association for assisted action and information. Please do not take any action by yourself directly until requested to do so. There are specific avenues and appropriate channels that may need to be clarified first.

Also you can refer to the MRA Capital Network - your state may have a MRA member representative that should be alerted to your concerns about threats to the opinion and marketing research industry. Call MRA headquarters at (860) 257-4008 for details.

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