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MRA Technology & Related Services Forum 2003 represent a variety of organizations offering products and services that incorporate technology and directly benefit marketing researchers. All Exhibitors have been screened to ensure a well-balanced presentation. To date, registered Technology Exhibitors include:




ActiveGroup, as the premier and largest video streaming network, offers you a convenient, flexible, cost-effective, and secure way use video streaming for your remote viewing. Watch on your schedule, live or on demand over the Internet. Watch the event and chat with your colleagues who are also watching. And with ActiveNotes 3.0 take notes that link up to the video so you can always find what you are looking for.

With over 25,500 hours of live events broadcasted to more than 40,000 viewers so far ActiveGroup can handle all of your web-casting needs.

Affordable Samples

The OTHER, better value sampling company in Connecticut, founded in 1991, providing a full range of listed, random digit (RDD) and business samples. We offer a vast array of targeted selections, fast turnaround, deep volume discounts and the best quality and value in the industry. Selections include age, income, net worth, children, babies, elderly, students, occupations, product usage, interests, computers, internet, home ownership, census tracts. Business samples drawn from D&B files pulled by SIC, employees, sales. Sampling expertise and advice. Hundreds of smart research clients. Samples via email in 24 hours or less.


Answerspace is a software development and services company based in Orlando, Florida. Answerspace features PollMaker™, a software suite providing unparalleled data collection capabilities.

Quickly and easily create customized, multi-media based rich surveys. Add conditional logic, custom answer buttons, generate actions (coupon print, swipe card). So easy to use if you can send in an e-mail attachment, you can create custom PollMaker™ surveys. TouchScreen technology extends this ease of use to respondents.

Instantly cross-tabulate data within PollMaker™, or export to industry standard formats (Triple-S XML, ASCII with ranking and custom).

PollMaker™ by Answerspace - data collection to a whole new extreme.

ASDE Survey Sampler

ASDE provides finely grained geographically general population RDD phone samples on demand within a half-day. You can order by email, our web-site, or phone. Full geocoding and demographic information is included at no extra cost. You can also install our software on your own PC. This unique North American program allows you to draw unlimited samples, listed (with the DNC marker) or non-listed, for one fixed price. You can sample by region, division, state, county, city, MSA/PMSA, CMSA, zip code, community.
Additional services include custom geography samples, business samples, list matching, predialing, radius and convenience samples, plus IVR hosting.

CfMC Computers for Marketing Corp.

CfMC is the largest supplier of CATI software (Survent) in the U.S. Other products offered: Script-Composer for designing questionnaires for CATI, CAPI and Web interviewing using click, drag and drop features; WebSurvent to conduct surveys on the Internet; SoundSurvent to play music/commercials during an interview and reporting system (Mentor). Software is available for DOS, Windows, UNIX and HP3000 systems. In addition, CfMC operates two service bureaus for survey data entry, coding and tabulation. Call for a free estimate


CMOR...Promoting and Advocating Survey Research is a non-profit organization
representing the survey research industry:

- to improve respondent cooperation
- to promote positive legislation/prevent restrictive legislation which
could impact the survey research industry

CMOR was established in 1992 by four US survey research trade
associations -- AMA, ARF, CASRO and MRA. More than 150 corporations and
organizations have joined these associations. Together, under the CMOR
umbrella and leadership, we work to further the acceptance of survey
research by the public and the government, through education, lobbying, and
providing legislative support to prevent abuses of the research process.

CMS Research

CMS Research - IVR data collection specialists with capabilities do Internet survey data collection and full service. CMS has been a leader with IVR use in the market research industry working with both full service clients and end users. In business for over 9 years with experienced staff totally over 75 years of market research experience. Capable of inbound and outbound dialing, combining methodologies of Web and IVT for respondent convenience and client ease, outbound messaging, reminders, pre-alers, low incidence screeners provide fast, convenient, inexpensive data collection and data file delivery. Team with CMS to meet your clients needs.


At Experian, you'll find accurate information, competitive pricing, reliable turnaround and knowledgeable market research specialists to support your sampling efforts. We offer samples for telephone and online research for consumers and B2B. Experian also can target low-incidence groups, based upon various demographic and behaviorial attributes.

Our InSource consumer database provides coverage on 98% of U.S. households and includes more than 1,000 data elements per record, encompassing a wide range of consumer information.

New Parents, New Movers, Ethnic, Ailments, Physicians, Students and our recently introduced Automotive Registration samples, all available from

We also offer data append/enhancement, e-append and sample hygiene services.

FocusVision Worldwide

FocusVision is the world leader in video transmitting live focus groups or IDI research from over 260 top-rated facilities around the world directly to our clients using leading edge videoconferencing and internet technologies.

FocusVision faithfully delivers the focus group experience, and provides seamless service so busy market researchers can get first-hand consumer input without the time, expense and wear & tear associated with travel. New content management software gives researchers a powerful tool for reviewing and sharing recorded project highlights.

Over 300 major companies use FocusVision services regularly, including most of the Fortune 500 and Advertising Age's top 100 advertisers.

Future Information Research Management

Future Information Research Management - FIRM - is the world's leading provider of software for online surveys and reporting. The company has users in more than 50 countries and offices in Oslo, London, New York and San Francisco and Stockholm.

FIRM's core product is Confirmit - a fully integrated web-based software covering every aspect of the online survey process, from questionnaire design and respondent management, to data collection and report distribution.

FIRM's clients Accenture, AC Nielsen, Crown Castle, Deloitte & Touche, Dow Jones, Greenfield Online, J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, Microsoft, The NPD Group, PeopleSoft, Progressive Insurance, Symantec and Taylor Nelson Sofres.


GMI provides 3 core e-business solutions for global market research.

NetMR software. This suite of market research applications is entirely web-based and integrates panel management, project management, data collection, processing, analysis, reporting, and client management. NetMR has live support 24x7x365 at no charge.

Global consumer panel. 3,000,000 unique households, active in over 180 countries, and is among the most comprehensive to be found in Europe, Latin America, Canada and North Asia. GMI is also the exclusive distributor of the largest IT decision-maker panel in the world.

GMI's Service Bureau. Provides programming, fielding, coding, and other
data-processing services at very competitive rates.

Greenfield Online

Greenfield Online is 100% dedicated to servicing the needs of research companies and will not compete with you for end-client business. The company combines the ability to deliver high-value sample, with advanced technologies and executional expertise. For fast project turnaround, low cost per interview, and the ability to deliver robust samples of any group, use us as your full-service outsourcing resource.

I/H/R Research Group

A major technology breakthrough to measure and improve Call Center quality control. The only software package of its kind for the market research data collection industry. Allows management staff to evaluate interviewers using up to 75 variables with ratio, interval, ordinal, or nominal scales. Users can develop their own variables and scales, or take advantage of defaults developed over two years of actual use. Also generates an overall quality score for every employee allowing rank ordering based on user-defined combination of variables which can be weighted (variables used for this score can be changed at a moment's notice). Drill down reporting with multiple filters. State-of-the-art technology and graphics, with extremely user-friendly Windows interface including complete on-line help. The software can be used in conjunction with any CATI system, using any video monitoring software.


ViC CD allows the capture of qualitative research projects on CD instead of tape. There are three levels of service to fit your budget:

ViC Viewer: Watch your video on Microsoft Media Player®. Each session is labeled in 10-minute segments. For PC or MAC.

ViC Clipper: ViC Viewer PLUS you can mark clips on playback. Export the best clips to PowerPointT or email.

ViC Marker: ViC Clipper PLUS you can mark clips LIVE during the session. Jump to the best clips with no need to review.

The service is available at almost 90 facility locations. You can also send your existing tapes to be transferred to ViC Viewer or ViC Clipper CDs.


Itracks delivers quality data collection to professional market researchers by using advanced online methods and proprietary software. Itracks holds the US patent for online focus groups and offers web surveys, bulletin board focus groups, web-enabled CATI and website usability testing. Founded in 1996, Itracks is committed to client service and offers a range of support services, such as focus group recruiting, technical support and moderator referral.

Luth Research

Combining innovative technology, tailored research methodologies and personalized service, Luth uncovers the market information that drives business. Luth offers a complete array of quantitative and qualitative research capabilities with three state-of-the-art focus group suites, 110 CATI stations, a regional mall facility and an on-site programming staff. Our single or mixed-mode projects provide the ultimate in quantitative research results. Additionally, our online panel, SurveySavvy, and new sample service, Savvy Access, allow access to a respondent pool of over 1.5 million members with a 30% response rate.

Marketing Systems Group

Creators of GENESYS, the industry's only in-house sample design and generation system, Marketing Systems Group's full-service sampling capabilities include design consultation and complete lines of RDD, listed household, business and specialty samples, E-mail samples, data/list enhancement services, and the revolutionary IDplus operator-attended number screening service.

MSG also provides PRO-T-S telephony systems, the first researchPredictive dialing and interviewer management system. Integrating computer and telephone hardware/software,
PRO-T-S significantly improves interviewer productivity and accuracy without sacrificing survey and sample management standards. PRO-T-S add-on modules include researchPredictive Dialing, Remote Audio Monitoring, Remote Interviewer Module, Digital Voice Recording, Playback and Retrieval, IVR Integration, ACD and inbound/outbound Call Blending.

Marketing Research Institute International

MRII established the "Principles of Marketing Research Certificate Course" in 1996. The Course is a web-based program administered by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and is designed to teach the Marketing Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK©). The curriculum is composed of 11 specific skill areas, which cover the entire research process, including web survey research. The Principles' course is endorsed by MRA and ESOMAR, and is supported by MRA, ESOMAR, ARF, AMA, TTRA, PMRS, CASRO and the Coca-Cola Center for Marketing Studies at the University of Georgia, Master of Marketing Research Program (MMR).


Megatab is a data-engineering specialist.

In the last 25 years, Megatab has emerged as a leader by serving the needs of the market research industry, offering classic services such as data entry and data processing in several languages, and by developing software for analysis and reports automation.

Our expertise:

Data entry - Coding - Translation - Data processing - Instant analysis -
Custom automated reports (Powerpoint, Word, HTML...) - Websurveys with instant online results - Custom software development

Combined with our outstanding customer service and dependable work ethic,
the success of your project is just click away. Let us help you wake up your data.


Microtab® XP 2004. In 2002, we added multivariate weighting, extensive statistical testing capabilities and on screen table previewing. Microtab XP 2003 delivered the capability to create tables from SPSS *.sav files, seamlessly importing the data, variable names and the text for the questions and answers. Our 2004 Edition provides routines to import data directly from Excel and use Boolean logic to create new variables. An auto-log of your actions lets you trace your steps. Table frequencies can be saved for summary tables, including (or not) the stubs' original percentages. Pickup your free, no obligation copy of Microtab at Booth 2.

Opinion Search

Opinion Search's Inc. Data Control and Access Portal (dataCAP) is an industry first. It does exactly what the name implies: gives you control and access to your survey research data online 24/7 in a secure environment. Now you can always be up to date with what's going on with your project. View and cross-tabulate your CATI and online survey data in real time from your own computer - all you need is an internet connection. Access real time open-ended responses, daily call disposition reports and project status reports. Also, request quotes and view bids and invoices online.

PinPoint Research

PinPoint Research has been working in the field of IVR since 1986. PinPoint Research is an outsource provider of its services to market research companies. Over 10 million interviews have been conducted with the PinPoint IVR system. Currently, PinPoint has 700 ports to handle IVR calls.

PinPoint Research has conducted virtually every type of marketing research study suitable for IVR and/or Internet. This includes: attitude studies, customer satisfaction, clinical trials, recruitment, screening, advertising research, employee studies, tracking studies, outbound message delivery and many others.

Call 1-800-341-6131 for a demonstration of PinPoint's inbound IVR data collection services.

Pulse Train

Pulse Train provides high quality software that covers every aspect of the survey process. Bellview CATI, CAPI, WEB and SCAN are the most advanced ways possible of collecting data via the telephone, in-person, over the Internet or on paper. STAR, PULSAR and PULSAR WEB offer analysis packages designed for powerful batch tabulation, interactive desktop analysis and real-time reporting on the WEB. Our service bureau, Star Data Systems, Inc. provides high quality data entry and tabulation services for market research. Services include telephone interviewing, World Wide Web interviewing on MrSurvey.com, scanning, data entry, coding, tabulation and mail survey management.

Scientific Telephone Samples (STS)

Scientific Telephone Samples (STS) is a leading provider of random digit (RDD), listed, and business sampling for marketing research. Our commitment to quality, outstanding customer service, and the lowest prices make STS the smart choice for accurate, productive sampling. STS offers a comprehensive array of scientifically constructed sampling options for every research study. RDD samples range from 2¢ to 5¢ per number. Listed and business samples range from 6¢ to 12¢ per number. Fast turnaround. Select from any geography or sampling methodology. PreID™ disconnect purging, demographic targeting, radius sampling, free business purging, record coding, and expert sampling advice. Order online using our new state-of-the-art web based ordering system. Since 1988.


For over 35 years, SPSS has been dedicated to serving the market research industry, survey researchers and corporate users of market research. Our mission is to be a strategic technology solutions partner to each of our client companies, not merely a software provider. Our goal is to help our clients create and sustain competitive advantage, and add value for their customers.

SPSS offers end-to-end solutions for online, telephone, and paper-based research. We offer tools and technologies for every stage of the research process from respondent recruitment through Opinion Place, our online sample offering through data mining and analysis. Our global network of offices provide training, consulting, and 24-hour support. Stop by and visit us at the 2003 MRA Fall Education and Technology Conference to learn more!

Survey Sampling International

SSI offers samples for Internet and telephone research in 18 countries.

Sample orders can be placed online with SSI-SNAP software, combining the convenience and cost savings of in-house sample production with SSI's 26 years of experience. Efficiency can be further increased with SSI's Screening Service. Low incidence subgroups can be targeted based on income, age, and race/ethnic origin, life style, hobbies/interests, and product usage. Business samples are available globally and can be selected by SIC code, employee size, sales volume, and other criteria. Keep customer files up-to-date with SSI-PhoneFind. SSI has been partners with survey researchers since 1977.

The Analytical Group, Inc.

We are the software developers of WinQuery, the industry's most advanced telephone interviewing software, WinCross, the most powerful advanced crosstabulation software, and QueryWeb, for Web-based interviewing on the Internet.

We have been serving the marketing research community since 1970. We offer a full array of services from questionnaire development through analysis including telephone and Web interviewing, scanning, data entry, coding, and data processing. Our statistical services include consultation and analysis using techniques such as cluster, conjoint, correspondence, discriminant, factor, linear, multiple, non-linear, logit and log-linear regression analysis. Visit our website at www.analyticalgroup.com or call 480-483-2700.

WebSurveyor Corporation

About WebSurveyor Corporation
As the leader in do-it-yourself online survey solutions, WebSurveyor helps market researchers survey the people who matter most. WebSurveyor's online survey tools, along with educational resources and a dedicated team of advisors help market researchers conduct powerful online surveys. Thousands of organizations worldwide utilize the powerful WebSurveyor technology to quickly and easily produce actionable results, essential to their ever-changing needs. From start-up to global corporation, organizations have made WebSurveyor a vital part of their online research. For more information, please visit our web site at www.websurveyor.com.



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