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Make Sure You Continue to Receive Vital Information from MRA:
Add MRA to Your White List Today!

Your spam blocker may be preventing you from receiving vital information from MRA!

To make sure you don’t miss important MRA correspondence, add MRA to your “Whitelist” today!

Why do I need to add MRA to my Whitelist?

Your whitelist is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program will allow messages to be received.

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising e-mail, commonly known as "spam", has become a big problem. It's reached such proportions that most e-mail services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put blocking or filtering systems in place or now rely on self-proclaimed “blacklists” to tell the good guys from the bad.

We at the Marketing Research Association applaud their intention to protect you from spam, but everyone agrees that the current systems for stopping spam are far from perfect. They often block e-mail you've requested, but that fits somebody's idea of what spam looks like. The more responsible anti-spam activists are working hard to cut down on these "false positives", but in the meantime, you might be missing valuable correspondence from MRA…

3 Ways to Add MRA to My Whitelist:

You can keep your MRA updates from being blocked. Fight the blacklists with your "whitelist". Whitelist MRA today to make sure you continue to receive vital information from MRA.

Here’s how: (note: all email systems are different so you might have to do some exploring, but it will be the same general method).

  1. Open any MRA e-mail, then add the sender or the sender's domain () to your Safe List.
  2. Find the address in the "From" line of your most recent MRA message and add it to Personal Contacts in your Address Book.
  3. Open any MRA e-mail, then select Mark as Not Junk.
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